Laser hair removal is an excellent choice of treatment for males or females who want an effective solution to unwanted hair.

Missy's Beauty are delighted to be offering the latest innovation in hair-removal technology: Soprano ICE Platinum, the newest version of Soprano Laser by Alma that offers power and versatility which allows us to treat the widest range of clients and hair types all year round.

This multi award-winning laser hair removal system uses a trio clustered diode handpick combining three laser wavelengths that is specially designed to remove unwanted hair faster, more comfortably, and with fewer visits than ever before.



The Soprano Ice Platinum is suitable for any skin type including skin that is tanned (wait 1 week after sun exposure). Our system uses 3 different laser light wavelengths to target the widest possible range of hair colours and textures.

As lasers target the melanin pigment within the hair follicle, ginger, white or grey hair will not be affected by the laser. The more melanin in the hair, the more effective the treatment tends to be. Very fine hair (vellus hair) may also not be the best candidate for laser hair removal because hair lacking sufficient density may not contain enough melanin for an effective result. 

We can only treat clients aged 18 or over, clients taking Accutane or who have been taking Accutane for the past 6-12 months, clients who are on regular daily antibiotics, anyone who is pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, anyone who is sunburned, has had significant sun exposure less than 1 week prior to treatment or has a fake tan, anyone with a history of cold sores to the treatment area should start taking an anti-viral medication one day before treatment and for 3 days after, clients with epilepsy, vitiligo, type 1 diabetes, history of keloid scarring or lupus and clients currently taking any medication or herbal supplement that may cause photo-sensitivity. It is advisable to seek a doctors note in this case before commencing treatment.


What to avoid:

Avoid sunbeds or any kind of fake tan for 2 weeks and normal sun exposure for 1 week prior to treatment. It is necessary to shave any area to be treated with laser to ensure the session is safe and effective.



Prior to treatment, a free consultation is carried out in which a medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment. There is also an opportunity for any questions you may have to be answered. Before treatment commences you will be asked to give informed consent, and a small test patch will be carried out at least 24 hours prior to your first session.



  • Please SHAVE the area the day before or morning of the treatment, if you are unshaven, we may not be able to treat you.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure/sun bathing of the treatment area for 2 days before and after treatment.
  • Use sunscreen SPF 30 or greater at all times throughout the course of your treatment.
  • You MUST avoid bleaching, plucking or waxing hair for 6 weeks prior to treatment, as this allows hairs to grow that are then targeted from your first laser treatment.
  • Do not use depilatory creams 1 week prior to treatment.
  • Stop using self-tanning creams two week before treatment.


After treatment you may experience mild redness or slight sensitivity. Aloe Vera gel is excellent to calm and soothe the skin and works well straight from the fridge. For any areas treated that are exposed to sunlight, you should protect your skin with a factor 30-50 SPF sunscreen.



While Soprano ICE Platinum offers the fastest laser hair removal solution available today, the duration of treatment can vary depending on the patient’s skin color, hair type and the area being treated.

  • If required the skin is cleaned (ie, underarms)
  • You will be given protective eyewear during the procedure
  • Gel will be applied to the treatment area to allow the hand-piece to glide across the skin and to ensure the top layer of skin is protected
  • Your technician will ensure your comfort and safety, however at anytime you may ask questions
  • The treatment time will vary on what areas of the body are being treated, each area needs a set level of laser energy administered to achieve results
  • After the gel will be removed and you can then resume normal activity



After the treatment hair regrowth occurs at different rates on different areas of the body, however new hair growth will not occur for at least three weeks after treatment.  Anywhere from 5-19 days after the treatment, shedding of the surface hair may occur.  Over the course of your treatments, hairs will continue to weaken and fall out, the growth rate will be slower so you can space out your treatments according to this.

After the laser treatment: 

Avoid heat such as hot baths or showers, saunas, and steam rooms.

- Avoid vigorous exercise and swimming as the chemicals in the water may cause irritation.

Our team is always available to provide continuing advice and support even after your final session is complete.



A full course of 6-8 treatments should result in a permanent reduction of hair growth; however this is dependent upon individual skin tone and hair. A good responder will expect to see a 60-90% reduction in hair growth. An annual top up session is recommended for maintenance. Please speak to our reception team for further information or to book a complementary consultation by calling 01270629197.