The market-leading LED Light Therapy Mask loved by A-List celebrities and is designed to rejuvinate the skin, banish lines and wrinkles and increase hydration. It is a clinically proven, painless, non-invasive & affordable treatment which targets a variety of skin conditions by using specific colour wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin at varying depths. It really is a great way to stimulate positive changes to your skin. 

The OPERA mask emits Infra-Red light, both red and blue lights & galvanic current;

  • Infra-Red light penetrates deep into the skin layers leading to increased blood flow. The increase of blood flow brings elevated levels of oxygen and nutrients to the face and neck whilst combating the signs of ageing, replenishing the dermal & epidermal cells & speeds up the skin’s healing process.
  • Red light causes a skin rejuvenation effectby stimulating collagen and elastin production promoting cellular repair and increasing circulation which leads to plump, firmer and youthful looking skin.
  • Blue light has anti bacterial properties, these properties result in the destruction of bacteria such as those causing acne. The blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil secreting glands and smooth inflammation.
  • Galvanic current works to improve blood flow and lymphatic draining to the face. This is a natural cleanser for the skin and helps remove impurities.  The galvanic current mode may be used alone or in conjunction with the LED light therapy and provides skin nourishment, skin cleansing & facial muscle toning which decreases wrinkles.


For anti-aging benefits and deep skin rejuvenation, red light exposure therapy is suitable for everyone. It is particularly beneficial for people over the age of 25. At this age, the body gradually loses the ability to make youthful collagen, hence our appearance starts to age. Women who are pregnant, epilepsy sufferers, or people who are taking certain medications such as tetracycline, steroids, or cortisone injections should not receive light therapy treatments. 


The Opera LED facial mask can be used as a dedicated light therapy facial, or combined with all of our other facial treatments, to create a unique and bespoke treatment tailored to your requirements. Each treatment is 30 minutes in which your skin will be cleansed, preparing your skin for the mask is placed over the face. The LED programmes are set according to your specific skin requirements and will automatically run until the treatment is completed. An optional treatment is available with the Opera mask, which is a galvanic programme which is used in conjunction with a Hydrogel mask. The galvanic current gently infuses the skin with the hydrating properties.  


Avoid heat treatments for 6-8 hours (sauna, steam, electrical epilation and swimming) avoid makeup for 12-24 hours for maximum benefit. We recommend that you use a broad spectrum sunscreen on a daily basis to maximise results.