Regular manicures will encourage natural nail growth and help keep your nails strong, and your cuticles soft and neat.  

Taking care of your hands and nails will show big results in a short space of time. A manicure treatment will provide luxury and glamour to your hands and nails and protect them against the daily wear and tear of a busy lifestyle.



Nails are reshaped, buffed and cuticles are trimmed and perfected. Hands and lower arms will then be massaged to protect the skin from elements and finally two coats and a topcoat will be applied from our fabulous range of OPI colours.


Nails are reshaped, buffed, and cuticles are trimmed and perfected. The hands are exfoliated, and a mask is applied and placed in heated mitts. Hands and arms are then massaged and rejuvenating serum applied followed by two coats and a topcoat applied from our OPI nail polish range.